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 Housed inside the historic El Dorado Building, Le Petit Paris is the vision of Cannes-based restauranteurs David and Fanny Rolland.  The 300-seat restaurant brings a quintessential brasserie dining experience to Downtown LA’s Historic Core.  Le Petit Paris is open for brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner. 

The restaurant is an architectural marvel, designed by the Rollands, featuring multiple skylights, two bars, a mezzanine level, and a large outdoor patio.  During the daytime, Le Petit Paris provides a tranquil, bright venue, and at night it transforms into an upscale fine dining restaurant with a lounge. 

Le Petit Paris – Los Angeles marks the third successful restaurant for the husband and wife duo after opening Le Petit Paris and Miramar Beach on the French Riviera.  Their vast experience in the Cannes hospitality industry has made them professionals at their craft in both France and the U.S.

Interior of Le Petit Paris
Chef Nigel Solancho


Our passionate Executive Chef, Nigel Solancho, was born in Quezon City, Philippines. His love for cooking was implemented by his aunt Norma who was his family owned eatery’s cook. Growing up highly influenced and inspired by Asian and Los Angeles street food/art with a modern French technique style of cooking, he first traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and learned under Asia’s #1 restaurant, 2 star Michelin Gaggan Restaurant: “My first assignment was to make a very difficult and intricate Indian cookies called “GHEEWAR”- Each cookie could take up to 10-12 min each. I had to make 120 cookies each day.” 

In Los Angeles, Chef Nigel continued to grow and learn different type of cuisine, from Patina Restaurant Group to La Bohème in West Hollywood, Rose Café in Venice and Alexanders Steakhouse in Pasadena. 
Today, he loves to start the day with a morning toast with grated cheese, followed by baking crepes with his daughter and savoring oysters on a sunny afternoon before making his way to Le Petit Paris’ kitchen. 

Chef Nigel is now bringing a taste of France in downtown Los Angeles through a carefully designed menu. 


Le Petit Paris comes from Cannes-based restaurateurs David and Fanny Rolland, owners of Miramar Plage on La Croisette and the original Le Petit Paris, both located in Cannes. The restaurant is housed in Downtown Los Angeles’ historic El Dorado building, originally built in 1913. Le Petit Paris features multiple skylights, a mezzanine level, a lounge, a room dedicated to date night goers, “La Boutique,” a gift shop with artisanal goods from France and a large outdoor patio. The restaurant features dishes from the South of France and provides a true French brasserie dining experience to Downtown LA’s Historic Core.

Fanny and David
Rosana Restaurant


Located in the heart of Cannes, Rosana is bringing the Californian good vibes to the south of France. Its 'cool attitude' lifestyle highlights sharing & having fun around yummy, beautiful and healthy dishes.

Owen Luca and his vibrating team invites you to discover worldwide cuisine together. With a full bar, try our signature cocktails, detox juices and smoothies created to sip on them while enjoying Rosana’s decor, while listening to music or enjoying our sunny patio. Rosana will bring you a feel-free moment, right next to the Croisette.

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Known as a local hot spot in the French Riviera, Le Petit Paris has received countless accolades for being one of the chicest brasseries and restaurants in the South of France. Miramar Plage, known as one of Croisette’s most famous destinations, is located on the sand, creating an unforgettable experience for their foreign visitors. Due to the success of its first location, the Rollands’ decided to bring Le Petit Paris to Los Angeles in 2015, making this the couple’s first restaurant in the United States.

Miramar Plage
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